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Overall, great game! It had interesting atmosphere, and the puzzles were tricky at times without being impossible. That said, the text field was a bit buggy at times (in NAG A RAM it would only take the answer capitalized, not all lowercase), and I felt like the game could have been a little longer. Also, I got stuck on the last one because in the font 'H' and 'N' look really similar. :P

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Whoah, that's weird! I think you're the first one to have such a weird issue with the Nag a Ram level. I tried it, and I could write with caps lock on, while holding shift, and without doing anything. Only thing I know is that if you've clicked outside of the screen, it won't accept anything :/

The length is a real issue, definitely. But I have some ideas for a sequel (which won't be finished in a long time), so I am hoping to make that one longer :)

The font does have a few things like that yeah, especially between "2" and "Z" XD

Thanks for playing and for reviewing :D

I love this game! However, I found a bug: my character got launched into a door, and he is spinning. He is spinning forever. (It's on Level 2-4, if you're curious.)

Half completely adorable, half sickeningly glitchy

This was a nice concept for a game, but between the weird double jump, glitchy physics, and annoying inability to communicate with NPCs that I have their items, I found this game a waste of good potential. However, I do hope that you'll be able to fix that if you come out with a new update.

Great job!

Also, there is no possible way that this entire series can't be a shoutout to Doctor Who.

I love this game.

...and I got every achievement, although it wasn't really that hard. Although the thing where you dry the dress in the toaster was pretty hard.

Manly-Chicken responds:

i agree.


I like this game, and the only reason I'm giving it a nine is because when you're playing colored, and you have completely upgraded run-through and acceleration, you go so fast it looks like you're moving backwards and you can barely get all the jumps in unless you hold down the jump button.

frozencoin responds:

There are some things to be rebalanced and revised in the next game.
Thanks a lot.


This is a pretty good game, and I like how you kept it simple. However, I believe that people are hacking the high score table as the top score (by Sten) is 9,223,372,036,854,775,808, and the next thirty one top scores (by qwerty) are the exact same.

not very original...

...but it has good artistry and it was fun to play nonetheless.

spoon ending = EPIC

...and that's why it's the best game ever.


I love all of your creations! Keep up the good work!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Thank you! I will.

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